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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What programs are available to support education and careers in the dairy industry?

As part of its new Workforce Development Initiative, the Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) has created 4 funding programs to support a highly skilled and diverse workforce that is well adapted to meet the current and future needs of the dairy producing and processing sectors. This initiative encourages productivity, competitiveness, and innovation by supporting the recruitment and education of a qualified workforce.

The WDI is composed of four key programs:

2. How much funding is available for each program and for what duration?

Funding for each of the 4 programs will be available for a 3-year period beginning on April 1, 2018 (subject to availability of funds).
  • Scholarship Program: $1.5 million
  • Career Promotion Program: $0.3 million
  • Education Program: $2.0 million
  • Continuing Education Program: $1.2 million

3. Who can apply to the CDC’s new Workforce Development Initiative programs?

Scholarship Program Canadian universities and research organizations outside Quebec and Ontario (Ontario and Quebec have targeted arrangements between the CDC and the University of Guelph in the case of Ontario and between the CDC and Novalait in the case of Quebec.) Please note that only Canadian citizens and permanent residents who apply through a pre-approved or eligible scholarship awarder may receive funding.
Career Promotion Program Recognized Canadian learning institutions, food technology centres, dairy producer or processor organizations
Education Program Partnerships between a recognized Canadian learning institution and a processor organization (provincial or national)
Continuing Education Program Recognized Canadian learning institutions and other recognized organizations in partnership with dairy industry associations (provincial or national).

4. Is the application and review process the same for each of the funding programs?

No. Each program has its own application and review process.

Please note: It is important to carefully read the program guides for each program before submitting an application. The program guides set out the particular application requirements and procedures established for each program. Applications must meet all of the criteria listed in the program guide.

In the case of the Education Program and the Continuing Education Program, an application prepared jointly by a recognized learning institution or technology centre and a dairy industry association partner is required. Applications will be evaluated and approved by an internal selection committee. Applications that are valued at more than $150,000 will be reviewed by the Selection Committee who will make recommendations to the CDC’s Board of Directors for final approval. The objective is to make decisions in the 30 days following the deadline for applications. Successful applicants will be required to enter into a formal agreement with the CDC.

Applications to the Career Promotion Program from by Canadian dairy producer and processor associations as well as from recognized learning institutions and technology centres will be evaluated and approved by an internal selection committee.

Finally, applications to the Scholarship Program submitted by Canadian universities or research organizations in provinces other than Quebec and Ontario will be evaluated by the CDC Scholarship Program Evaluation Committee. Outside expertise may be called in to help with the assessment of the applications. The Committee will recommend applications for approval by the CEO. The objective is to make decisions in the 30 days following the deadline for applications.
University of Guelph and Novalait will manage applications in Ontario and Quebec, respectively. Timelines may vary.

5. How can I apply to the Programs offered under the Workforce Development Initiative?

There is an application form for each program. You can download a copy of the application form for the program that interests you by clicking on the appropriate link below:

6. Is there a deadline for submitting an application to the CDC?

Yes. Applications for the Scholarship Program must be submitted to the CDC by May 31, 2019. Applications for the Career Promotion Program must be submitted by August 1, 2019. Applications for the Education Program and the Continuing Education Program must be submitted to the CDC by August 1, 2019. A second call for applications may be scheduled later for funding that was not allocated in the first call for applications.

7. What if I miss the application deadline?

If all the funds were not allocated after the evaluation of the applications received by the application deadline, there may be a second call for applications for some or all of the programs.

8. How will the applications be evaluated and selected?

Each program has clear predetermined evaluation criteria. Applications must meet all the evaluation criteria of the program being applied to and applicants are encouraged to present detailed information. Selection committees will use an evaluation form to rate projects and make a decision based on scores for each criterion. For details on program-specific evaluation criteria, please consult the program guides.

9. Who should I contact if I have more questions about the new funding programs?

All questions on the Scholarship Program should be directed to:

Danie Cousineau
(613) 792-2016

For the other funding programs, please send your questions to:

Marc Lalonde
(613) 407-2962