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Workforce Development Initiative

Programs Supporting Education & Careers

The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) is committed to supporting a highly skilled, diverse workforce that is well adapted to meet the current and future needs of our dairy producing and processing sectors. The CDC will meet this objective by financially supporting programs under the Workforce Development Initiative (WDI).

This initiative encourages productivity, competitiveness, and innovation by supporting the education and recruitment of a dynamic and qualified workforce. The WDI is composed of four key funding programs:
  1. Scholarship Program: scholarships for graduate students in fields related to the dairy industry
  2. Career Promotion Program: promotion of careers in the dairy industry
  3. Education Program: creation of government-certified, full-time educational programs in order to train qualified staff to work in dairy plants
  4. Continuing Education Program: opportunities for continuing education of current dairy plant and farm staff

The Workforce Development Initiative is not currently accepting new applications.