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Dairy Ingredients Information Library

The Dairy Ingredients Information Library provides you with various means of finding information. You can search by Dairy Ingredient and by Supplier or by Dairy Processor.

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This feature allows you to search
specific Canadian manufactured
dairy products.

A Dairy Ingredient is defined as follows:
Any Canadian manufactured dairy or
based product which is used
as an ingredient in further processing.

-Traditional dairy ingredients:
Butter, Skim/Whole Milk Powder,
Evaporated Milk, Cheese, Yogurt,

-Non-traditional dairy ingredients
Whey Powder, Whey Protein
Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate,
Lactose, etc.

Search for a supplier or dairy    

processor by company name or
by province.

 -A Supplier is a company that
  purchases Canadian dairy products
  from a processor for
resale to another
  supplier or further processor.

  -A Processor is a registered plant
  facility which
manufactures dairy 


The Dairy Ingredients Information Library is based on information obtained, on a voluntary basis, from Canadian dairy ingredient manufacturers who are registered in one or more programs administered by the Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC). As such, this directory is not a comprehensive listing of all Canadian dairy manufacturers or dairy ingredients. The CDC cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information included in this Library. To obtain further details and information about a specific ingredient manufacturer or about a specific ingredient's availability, we suggest that you contact the respective manufacturers directly.